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1 "Memorandum of Association" of a Society
2 "Rules and regulations" of a Society
3 Trust deed for benefit of married daughter
4 Trust deed for establishing a free dispensary
5 "Memorandum of Association" of a private limited company
6 "Articles of Association" of a private limited company
7 Dissolution deed
8 Gift deed
9 Will
10 Indemnity bond
11 Affidavits
12 Statement of assessable income
13 Power of attorney
14 Letter to AO submitting details called for at the time of regular hearing
15 Intimation to AO regarding discontinuance of business
16 Letter to AO requesting transfer of file to another AO
17 Letter to AO regarding issue of fresh refund order in place of outdated one
18 Letter to AO regarding giving of appeal effect
19 Letter to AO requesting adjournment of hearing
20 Application to AO requesting stay of demand
21 Letter to AO regarding setting off of tax payable against refund due
22 Reply to notice u/s 221(1)
23 Specimen form of Guarantee for purposes of section 230
24 Affidavit for issue of tax clearance certificate u/s 230A
25 Affidavit under rule 10 of the Income-tax Appellate Tribunal Rules
26 Application to Tribunal for admission of delayed appeal
27 Application for rectification of mistake
28 Application for revision u/s 264
29 Specimen application for exercise of option under clause(2) of the Explanation to section 11(1)
30 Property sale deed
31 Specimen 1
32 Specimen 2
33 Affidavit regarding ownership, etc.
34 General power of attorney
35 Special power of attorney
36 Affidavit regarding power of attorney
37 Agreement to sell and purchase
38 Agreement to appoint arbitrator
39 Rent agreement
40 Indemnity bond
41 Possession letter
42 Will
43 Receipt
44 Covering letter to competent authority
45 Form VIII